Great North of Scotland Railway Coaches

Over the last few years, I have photographed in detail as many of the remaining GNSR coach bodies as possible. These are available via the links below to supplement the information already published by the GNSRA.

Diagram A1 - Original 4 wheel first. Built 1854.
10 of these vehicles were delivered by Brown & Marshall in 1854 for the opening of the line to Huntly. One body survived at Cambus O'May survived into the 1970s. After the body was removed, the framework remained and that is illustrated here here .
Diagram 9 - Johnson 6 wheel first. Built 1893 and withdrawn 1936-39.
The final version of non-corridor first. Photographs are of body near Cromdale and another near Cromartie.
Diagram 13 - Manson 6 wheel luggage composite.
Composites containing 2 third compartments at the end, two first comparments are a centre luggage compartment were to be found on many railways before bogie coaches were adopted. This is Manson's version for the Great North, bult 1885 and 1888 and in use until 1938.
Photographs are of the remains of a body at Pitgavenny, just south of Oldmeldrum.
Diagram 30 - 4 wheel 5 compartment third.
11 vehicles of this design were built between 1866 and 1871. Two bodies survive and are shown in the photographs. One, which is minus one end and the interior, is near Fraserburgh. The more complete example is near Fyvie.
Diagram 33 - Standard 1870s third. 4 wheel non-corridor.
This example was a brake third, 3 compartments. Built 1875-80. Very similar to 5 compartment thirds, some of which had the centre compartment converted to brake. Withdrawn 1924-28.
Two vehicles are illustrated. The detailed colour photographs are of a body which was for many years at Tain and is now being restored at Statfold Barn, Tamworth. The others show the remains of a body at Slampton Hill near Auchnagatt. Only the walls and roof remain, with a few fittings on the end. Click here for views of the coach at Statfold Barn.
Diagram 36 - 4 wheel non-corridor third, 4 compartments. Built Metropolitan 1875-77 as firsts, 32 seats. Reclassified to third 1907, 40 seats. Withdrawn 1926.
Photographs are of two bodies which have survived at Mintlaw, next to the bus garage. They are between the road down to the back of the garage and the garden of their owner, an elderly woman who keeps an eye on what goes on. The condition of the bodies has deteriorated over the years. One body was converted for use as a garage many years ago and has no interior. The other was used for storage, but its roof has now collapsed.
Diagram 38 - Manson 4 wheel non-corridor third, 5 compartments. Built 1884-85 and 1891-92. All withdrawn 1929-36.
Manson produced a range of vehicles of similar design. Photographs show details of a well-preserved example near Peterhead.
Diagram 41 - Manson 6 wheel non-corridor third, 5 compartments. Built 1888 and withdrawn 1935-37.
This was the 6 wheel version of Manson's all third. The body was identical to diagram 38, except for the door ventilators. Photographs are of body at the side of the Peterhead road at Birness, close to the junction of the Ellon road.
Diagram 45 - Johnson 6 wheel non-corridor third, 5 compartments. Built 1893-95. Withdrawn 1931-46.
98 of these vehicles were built, the largest number of any design and remained in common use well into LNER days. Photographs show details of several examples.
Diagram 50 - Pickersgill 6 wheel non-corridor third, 5 compartments. Built 1914-15 and withdrawn 1945-47.
The Great North persisted with 6 wheelers long after any other company. These had a body style which matched the contemporary bogie vehicles. Photographs are of body near New Byth which has been well covered in corrugated iron.
Diagram 51 - Pickersgill 6 wheel non-corridor brake third, 5 compartments. Built 1916 and withdrawn 1947-52.
This was the brake version of diagram 50. Photographs are of body near Huntly, which is has been renovated for use as a riveside shelter.
Diagram 56 - Johnson 6 wheel brake. Built 1891-93 and withdrawn 1933-470.
Several variations of 6-wheel full brake were built in the 1880s and 1890s, with differences in internal layout. Photographs show details of a body near Insch.
Diagram 60 - Pickersgill 6 wheel brake. Built 1911 and withdrawn 1947-58.
4 of this version were produced, with body style matching contemporary bogie vehices. Photographs are of body near Ellon which has served as a domestic garage for many years.